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Braidwood Opener 2017

Braidwood Lake is a cooling Lake Located in Will County. The Lake opens every year on March 1st and runs through the first week in October. For Anglers in Illinois, this is a good place to start the season off. The... Read The Rest →

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Float Tube Hustle

The homie Dave sent over these pic’s of this giant caught on Monday, February 20th 2017 at Mazonia State Park. (Some info on how the day went for Dave) “Day started off real slow and hiked to the 1st lake about... Read The Rest →

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The Fisherman’s Journal

A blessing to be recognized as one of the small business apparel companies outfitting anglers from all walks of life. The Fisherman’s Journal article from Darryl Barrs picked his favorites as far as angler wear on or off the waters. Check out... Read The Rest →

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New Era CAST Crown (2017)

Starting the year off with four new flavors for your dome on or off the water. These are an official New Era hats custom made for the crew. You can only get it here so head over to our online shop and... Read The Rest →

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CAST CREW FEATURE: Jackall Pompadour

The Jackall Pompadour (shown in Black Bone colorway) is a crazy topwater bait that has a different sound and action that bass can’t stand. They’ve hit it hard, guaranteed to give you a fight. Action footage shot with the Shimano Sport... Read The Rest →

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CAST CREW FEATURE: Jackall Kawashi Mikey

Ray had a chance to check out the Jackall Kawashi Mikey (shown in Black Piraruku colorway) swimbait. This lure has smooth moves and catches fish! Definitely impressed with how this swimbait deflects off of cover and triggers that strike! Action footage... Read The Rest →