The Jig Is Up!

The homie Dave went out on the weekend of April 9th and slammed them at Mazonia-Braidwood State Fish and Wildlife Area. The Float tube has been key for Dave to fish these strip pits in Mazonia. Dave picked up his PB largemouth that came in at 8.9lbs!!! Dave has been crushing them on Chicago’s very own Dem Jigs and TightRope Jigs. The PB largemouth was caught on the TightRope Jig paired up with a Bass Nectar Custom Baits Craw trailer. When throwing a Dem Jigs, he pairs that up with a Reins Craw trailer. Thanks for sharing the pics and Congrats on the PB fam! Tight lines! 

Early Spring Pre-Spawn Bass

On Sunday, March 27, 2015, the fam Del went out for a couple of hours to wet some lines at a local neighborhood pond. The weather was not the best since it’s been raining all night and the temperature predicted was a low of 48 degrees. Like many anglers, rain or shine, it is always good to get out to go fishing. According to Del, he saw that most of the bass on these little bodies of water are on a pre-spawn stage and beds are starting to show up along the shore line. If you live in the midwest, specially Chicago, the weather has been interesting.

Del was able to land this giant sight fishing using the following tackle:

  • 7′ 2″ Shimano Zodias Casting Rod (MH/F)
  • Shimano Curado CU201I (7.2:1)
  • Sunline Super FC Sniper (14 lb test)
  • 3/8 oz Brovarney Swimjig (Orange Crush)
  • Big Bite Baits Finesse Grub (Pumpkin Green Pepper)

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    Braidwood Opener 2017

    Braidwood Lake is a cooling Lake Located in Will County. The Lake opens every year on March 1st and runs through the first week in October. For Anglers in Illinois, this is a good place to start the season off. The lake is accessable from Shore in certain areas as well as there are 2 boat launches. March 1st has become yearly tradition for a lot of Anglers and the lake keeps gaining popularity for new Anglers like Charlie Harper.

    Charlie was kind enough to share his experience as he fish this lake for the first time with the Johnny and Martin. 

    “5am, meeting up with Johnny and Martin to fish the day after severe storms swept through the Midwest. The conditions looking leek as we set out to rough up our thumbs with a lip hustle like no other. Forecast was a high of 42° with light rain and fog. Our plans remained the same. We reached Braidwood minutes before sunrise, only to be greeted at the North Ramp by 20+ boaters. All anxious, just as us, to catch the first bass of 2017 at Braidwood Lake opening day. We got on the water and started towards our first spot. The water temps ranging from 64° – 68° on the cooler side of the lake. The South Ramp was closed due to the high winds. We hit the first cove Martin took us to and got our lines wet. The fog off the water was intense. My eyes getting pulled in different directions as I took in my first boat trip onto Braidwood Lake. Before you knew it, we were reeling in the largemouth bass. We hit a few other coves and landed some more. We were restricted on where we could go cause the winds were picking up and becoming intense. After 3.5 hours on the water, we decided safety first and heading back to the North Ramp. We reeled in a total of 12 bass ranging from 1.5 – 2.5 lbs. All in all it was a dope day with good results in not ideal conditions. Had a great time fishing with Johnny and Martin and I can’t imagine how great the fishing can be at Braidwood with slightly better conditions.”

    Float Tube Hustle

    The homie Dave sent over these pic’s of this giant caught on Monday, February 20th 2017 at Mazonia State Park.

    (Some info on how the day went for Dave)
    “Day started off real slow and hiked to the 1st lake about 8 AM and fished till 12:30 PM with nothing. Seeing that the water temp was 41 degrees and coves were still ice covered, decided to start pond hoppin put in at the 2nd lake about 1 PM and no need to hop no more, about 3 casts in jacked a 3.5lb Largie. Seeing that the water was 46 degrees then followed wind to the north shoreline where it was beatin the shore and water was 47 degrees and some smaller fish were caught. Then found a nice spot just out of wind and flipped in a jig and she crushed it, 5.2 lbs. Kept fishing the same shore found another spot just out of wind and flipped the ol faithful jig back in and it got crushed again 6.98lbs. Gear being used was 7FT MH Diawa Steez XT Rod w/Diawa Zillion SV TWS Reel. Dem Jigs BD special color rubber football jig with a reins ring craw in BB Craw color. Float Tube by Outcast Boats – Model Fishcat 4 and can’t forget my lucky CAST Crown as part of the gear lol.”

    New Era CAST Crown (2017)

    Starting the year off with four new flavors for your dome on or off the water. These are an official New Era hats custom made for the crew. You can only get it here so head over to our online shop and find one that fits your lifestyle.

    CAST CREW FEATURE: Jackall Pompadour

    The Jackall Pompadour (shown in Black Bone colorway) is a crazy topwater bait that has a different sound and action that bass can’t stand. They’ve hit it hard, guaranteed to give you a fight. Action footage shot with the Shimano Sport Cam.


    Our buddies over at Tools In Action invited ST!ZO to swing by and check out their show. Little did he know that he was going to be the special guest! If you are into tools, you definitely have to peep their reviews. Dan and Eric are just like us… friends talking about their addiction. To see ST!ZOs cameo, fast forward to about 20 minutes in. Thanks again TIA Crew!


    CAST CREW FEATURE: StankXbaitco – NXT LVL series

    StankXbaitco is really changing the game with its NXT LVL series. These are not your average plastics. Each bait is individually poured and painted by the mad scientist Travis Crosman. The baits work by themselves, but the process that takes them to the next level brings these plastics over the top! Don’t forget the signature StankX scent is added to each bag! You will have to beat the fish off of you! WARNING: Open in a well ventilated area before you unleash the STANK! See for yourselves and you be the judge…


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