Float Tube Hustle

The homie Dave sent over these pic’s of this giant caught on Monday, February 20th 2017 at Mazonia State Park.

(Some info on how the day went for Dave)
“Day started off real slow and hiked to the 1st lake about 8 AM and fished till 12:30 PM with nothing. Seeing that the water temp was 41 degrees and coves were still ice covered, decided to start pond hoppin put in at the 2nd lake about 1 PM and no need to hop no more, about 3 casts in jacked a 3.5lb Largie. Seeing that the water was 46 degrees then followed wind to the north shoreline where it was beatin the shore and water was 47 degrees and some smaller fish were caught. Then found a nice spot just out of wind and flipped in a jig and she crushed it, 5.2 lbs. Kept fishing the same shore found another spot just out of wind and flipped the ol faithful jig back in and it got crushed again 6.98lbs. Gear being used was 7FT MH Diawa Steez XT Rod w/Diawa Zillion SV TWS Reel. Dem Jigs BD special color rubber football jig with a reins ring craw in BB Craw color. Float Tube by Outcast Boats – Model Fishcat 4 and can’t forget my lucky CAST Crown as part of the gear lol.”

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